Lights! Camera! Action!

It’s-A-Go-Productions, like Hollywood, incorporates a three-phase approach to film and television production. Pre-production is the planning phase, production is the actual shooting day(s) and post-production involves the editing, music, animation, graphics, special fx, etc. From brainstorming the concept of your video, to delivering your final cut, our production team will be there to guide you through each step of this very exciting process.


Pre-production is the planning stage. During this first phase, we will help you identify the who, what, and how of your project.
This includes:

1. Designing a series of goals that reflect your personal and professional needs.

2. Script Development - Creating and developing the content of your video.

3.Decide how to tell your story? What visual elements will create the backdrop of your presentation? Are there graphics? Animation? Do we see you in
action? A live demo? A heartfelt speech straght to camera?  

4. The Logistics of The Shoot - choosing a shoot date, a location, deciding on wardrobe, props, makeup etc.


Production is the actual shoot. It is where all the action happens. Our cracker-jack production team will do whatever we can to provide a fun and easy-going set.

Here are just a few (of many) tips we offer to help make your shoot run as smooth as possible!

  1. Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before.
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast. Avoid heavy carbs as they tend to zap your energy.
  3. Be as familiar as possible with your script. And know that you WILL MAKE MISTAKES….and probably lots of them! But that is the beauty of film…you can do it until you get it right! Even the most seasoned often actors struggle with their lines.


This is where the bulk of the work, time and energy takes place.  In the editing room, the editor and the director will put all the pieces together to create a smartly-paced, video.

Next, they will add in graphics and music and any other bells and whistles such as; animation, voiceovers, special effects etc.

The team will then present the project to you for your final approval and when you are happy with the video, the final cut can be downloaded from our server, or we can personally upload it to your laptop, or an external hard drive.